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y hands." It is the most widely practiced of all the martial arts. Karate is a sport and a means of self-defense that uses the body as a weapon in striking, kicking, and blocking. In Japan, where it i ... , Bodhidharma, an Indian priest and knight, brought Zen Buddhism to China along with a system of 18 self-defense exercises. The exercises evolved into a form of boxing, which spread, with Zen, through ...

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Justification of Violence

that in others, it cannot be.In my opinion, the only instance in which violence can be justified is self-defense. I believethat if an innocent person is attacked for some reason and their life is put ... iolence, inmy opinion, are robbery at gunpoint and any other type of unprovoked violence.Other than self-defense, I do not believe violence should be tolerated at any cost. Hittingchildren when they d ...

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Gun control

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My First Murder

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The Death Penalty

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This is an essay providing general info on the influence of the black panthers' Marxism on Capitalist society. Bibliography at end, Good quote up front.

nderstood by the masses of the people.- Bobby SealeBobby Seale, chairman of the Black Panther party self-defense, made this statement in his 1970 publication Seize the Time. The significance of this s ... om organization (LCFO). With Newton and Seale's alliance with the LCFO, the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense was born.The list of demands distributed by the Black Panther party was called "What We ...

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Gun Control

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Should U.S go to war with Iraq?

at going to war with Iraq is a war of choice not a war of necessity .War should be a last resort of self-defense, a step to be taken when there are no other alternatives.Why should we go to war with I ...

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The nature of sexual attraction. What makes a human attractive/unattractive.

mones to the blood stream to signal the body for an innate and necessary response. Hunger, thirst, self-defense, and sexual reproduction are included in that list of important sensations. Just like ...

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North Korea Nuclear Issue.

ther countries. With all these demand, North Korea is not giving up their nuclear weapons for their self-defense. On the other side, U.S. wants North Korea to give up nuclear weapons and exporting mis ...

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The fight for equality.

essed in an attire of all black, topped off with a black beret. The Black Panthers encouraged armed self-defense within the African American community. They were a party that appealed to the "lower-cl ...

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This is a response essay to Linda M. Hasselstrom' essay, "Why One Peaceful Woman Carries a Pistol."

s a highly controversial issue in today's society, it should not be quickly dismissed as a means to self-defense. Because of the vulnerability of women, I strongly agree with Ms. Hasselstrom's decisio ... xperienced several "close call" perpetrator attacks that prompted her to examine various methods of self-defense. Hasselstrom even entertained the idea of a CB radio purchase which would enable her to ...

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Just War Thoery Paper. well written with citations. done for a hard ethics teacher.

ause by starting to bomb Iraq. Theinitiation of physical force is wrong and may justly be resisted. Self-defense againstphysical aggression is putatively the only sufficient reason for just cause, so ...

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Living or dying? Its all about Life or death.

s. Yet, there are some instances when this rule does not seem to apply. If someone kills another in self-defense it is seen as an act of bravery, if a soldier kills an enemy in war it is seen as coura ...

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