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Was South Australia a Paradise of Dissent?

South Australia's original diversity in religious beliefs was the key factor to South Australia's La ... sity in religious beliefs was the key factor to South Australia's Label 'Paradise of Dissent'. When South Australia was first settled in the 1830's, one of the largest factors that attracted immigrant ... st factors that attracted immigrants was the absence of a State Church. Immigrants could migrate to South Australia, without having a particular religious body to influence government and their own da ...

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The process of federation in Australia

tion wouldn't do much good. Each colony was proud of their own independence. Some colonies, such as South Australia, did not want to join other colonies that had convict pasts. The smaller colonies, s ... 891, a National Convention was held in Sydney and a federal constitution was drawn up. However, New South Wales, fearing it had too much to lose, would not even bring the issue to a vote. During the 1 ...

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Our first Corroboree.

elling around Australia for the past 4 months. We have travelled through the outback of N.S.W. into South Australia and now heading towards Western Australia. Kate and I do school work by corresponden ...

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Gentle persuasion

Gentle persuasionAccording to reproductive biologists at the University of Adelaide in South Australia, sex even up to a full year before conception helps guard against a litany of ailmen ...

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Euthanasia: is it just?

t of adult patients of sound mind to direct that extraordinary measures to prolong life be stopped. South Australia passed the Natural Death Act in 1983, Victoria the Medical Treatment Act in 1988, th ...

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arted to warm to the idea of being a united nation.Some 'obstacles' of federation was the fact that South Australia didn't want to join because that was the only convict free colony and they didn't wa ...

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"To examine how Christianity influenced Mother Mary Helen MacKillop and the sisters of Saint Joseph to develop and change Australia's education system throughout the years of 1788-1900"

e was called to spend her life working for god. When she was the age of 19, she moved to Penola, in South Australia to be a tutor to her young cousins, but believed that her life shouldn't be wasted t ... a major delay in the opening of many new schools to help educate the poor and neglected children in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. While the order continued Mother MacKillop never lo ...

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History of Ostriches and The Australian Industry

to turn to a new way of saving them, domestication. The first ostrich farms had been established in South Africa in 1863 and a few decades later the ostriches were imported to Australia.In 1881 the fi ... were imported to Australia.In 1881 the first Australian ostrich farm was established near Gawler in South Australia and in 1882 the South Australian Government began to encourage the industry by offer ...

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The Abolishment Of Capital Punishment In Australia

hment is punishment of a crime by death. The death penalty was abolished in Queensland in 1922, New South Wales in 1955, Tasmania in 1968, Victoria in 1975, South Australia in 1976 and Western Austral ...

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The Federating of Australia

Australia became a nation when the six self-governing colonies, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania, united on the 1st of Janua ... Governments could discuss matters that affected every colony. In 1846, Governor Fitzroy sent a New South Wales proposal for a federal scheme to the British authorities. The British Colonial Secretary ... Duffy appointed a Royal commission to look into Federation.By 1880, Henry Parkes was premier of New South Wales and at another intercolonial conference, he again proposed a Federal Council. Later that ...

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Suggestions on reform of the law of rape in South Australia

IntroductionThe law of rape in South Australia is governed by the common law and the Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 SA. Recent ... ish a conviction. That is, the requirement for the prosecution to prove beyond reasonable doubt. In South Australia, the current law requires the finding of fault (mens rea) on the part of the accused ... law change? In the following sections, the current law of rape in SA, Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales will be focused, together with some law reform commitment in other jurisdictions outside ...

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How has the role of Australian women changed in society?

omen in society.One of the first victories for women was achieving suffrage. In 1901, only women in South Australia and Western Australia had voting rights. Following much campaigning, the Franchise A ...

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The History of Poisoning, Forensic Science and the Emily Perry Case

reasons.b) Research the Emily Perry Case. Look at the background to the charges being laid here in South Australia. Briefly outline the case as it moved through the courts. What was the final outcome ...

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Oral on the fall of the Berlin wall, Rise of the German People and Relevance to Australia

is split occurring in our peaceful nation. Imagine a split nation. No longer a whole, but instead a southern and northern Australia.Southern Australia:New South WalesVictoriaSouth AustraliaTasmaniaNor ...

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The Division Of Law-making Powers In Australia

nsisting of a Commonwealth Parliament and six State Parliaments these being Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland and South Australia. The Division of law-making power has ...

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Tiger Turf advertisement

would appeal to people with a large disposable income, who enjoy a luxurious and stylish lifestyle.South Australia is currently in the midst of a serious drought. Severe water restrictions have been ...

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Tell Me I'm Here

Jonathan was 13, Jonathan remained in the care of his mother.In 1979 the family moved to Adelaide, South Australia, this was to be one of the very many moves Jonathan was to make throughout his life. ...

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Thorny Devil

nvironment of the desert. All thorny devils are found in central Australia, because the majority of South Australia is covered in hot desert.Tolerance LimitsThe thorny devil is used to very harsh temp ...

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Australia - A Unique Continent

lora64.2Fauna65. References used 71.Geographical Coordinates1.1 LocationAustralia is located in the southern hemisphere, and has a latitude of 113° to 154° east, and a longitude of 10° to ... 0° to 44° south. This places Australia in the ‘Asia Pacific Region’ and the ‘South Eastern quartile’ of the world.1.2 Area sizeThe total land size of Australia is 7,686,850 ...

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sbane and Perth in 1927s and 1928s. The following years, they have expanded to Victoria, Melbourne, South Australia, and Adelaide even expanded to Tasmania since 1940s. (Woolworths, 2010)In 1986, Wool ... & Parboteeah, KP 2005, Multinational management: a strategic approach, 3rd edn, Mason: Thomson South-Western, pp. 42-77.Dowling, P. J, Welch, D.E, (2004) International Human Resource Management:M ...

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