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A short summary and relation of several writing pieces to the topic of aliens in America. The assignment was to relate various poems, essays and stories to the subject of aliens in America.

When most people hear the term alien they think of little green men with big eyes or Star Trek. But alien has another important meaning. It is a person who is foreign or excluded from t ...

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Descriptive essay on the emotion, Revenge.

ome physically drained and emotionally unstable due to their unquenchable hunger for revenge.In the Star Trek movie, "The Wrath of Khan", Ricardo Montelbaum's character is consumed with seeking reveng ...

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Antimatter, the "mirror image of matter," was a topic often toyed with in science fiction novels. Star Trek's spaceships are propelled by this revolutionary matter with the ability to turn all its m ... appearing from many directions, but they were probably thrown into space by the explosions of dying stars, or supernovae. They were the first high-energy particles ever studied. Did you know that, no ...

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Advancing in the field of literature: A Gift to society or a dose of a lethal substance to the human race?

in a chapter called Lord Burleigh's Kiss by Janet Murray. One is the example of the "holodeck" from Star Trek. The crew can go to the "holodeck" and play a character and actually interact and feel eve ... n every single instance, the technology is some how damaging to a persons health. In the episode of Star Trek, aliens are able to overtake the ship and get inside the character's head that spends her ...

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All about christopher pike

ld know is that Christopher Pike's real name is Kevin McFadden. He got his pen name from the guy on Star Trek. he currently lives in Santa Barbara. That is what I found out from the internet source. F ...

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Interview on indichina

S: I believe that the large number of SF and paranormal shows on television, as well as the movies (Star Trek, Star Wars, Fifth Element, Armageddon, Alien, Sixth Sense, Terminator, Matrix, and so many ...

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. They look alike, think alike, and even have the same genetic makeup. No, this isn't an episode of Star Trek, this is reality. This is the new world of cloning, and thanks to a 7-month-old sheep name ...

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. They look alike, think alike, and even have the same genetic makeup. No, this isn't an episode of Star Trek, this is reality. This is the new world of cloning, and thanks to a 7-month-old sheep name ...

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Media Reaction

The television show Star Trek usually was not my ideal choice for viewing. I always thought of the program as senseless ... f the program kind of lost me for a minute that is until he returned to the spaceship. There on the Starship Enterprise was where it all happened. On the spaceship there were a variety of cultures abo ...

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Have we become too dependant on computers that we have become deviant to responsibilities?

Computers and ResponsibilityAfter watching the "Star Trek" episode, I was fascinated about their style of waging war and how they handled casualties ... ficial. Nevertheless, I am still doing the work, the computer is not writing for me, and I chose to start and complete this assignment on my own behalf, with my own motivation. The computer does nothi ...

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This article was written for a class called Writing in Media. It is titled, "Bored With TV? Try Fan Fiction."

always been sexual tension between Scully and Mulder. Fans of the show have asked if they will ever start dating. Chris Carter, the creator of the show, has given interviews saying that he doesn't wan ... are some more odd choices of Fan Fiction.According to a New York Times Article Fan Fiction got its start in the 1970's by "Star Trek" fans at conventions and through the mail. "You're getting a lot o ...

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life after the death of our sun

lements of space, in the words of Jean Luc Picard (a fictional character from Gene rodnberry' works Star Trek: The Next Generation) our goal has become seeking "out new life forms, new civilization," ... . Yet another, even more compelling, reason for delving out into the darkness of space has been our star, the sun. Glowing for about 4.4 billion years, it not only provided energy for the plants and a ...

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Prime-time animation

l grandfather, The Simpsons. "Family guy, about the middle-class Griffins, takes on everything from Star Trek to Scooby Doo, Tiananmen Square to the Third Reich (Zerbisias, F8)." These are examples of ... warped animated series (Groening, ). The Simpsons, and the genre of prime-time animations it started, contain many stereotypes on Western and pop culture. Family Guy falls into this genre. "The ...

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Is Mr. Spock Possible

Is Mr. Spock possible? Due to the old Star Trek episodes, we knew that Spock is a different species from human being (although part of his ...

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Space Travel And Einstein's Limit

ot travel greater than or equal to the speed of light. Some people say- ok we'll just travel to the stars slower than she speed of light. Wrong! The closest star, Alpha Centauri is 9 light-years away ... ill write about the forms of travel that defy Einstein because my favorite T.V. show of all time is Star Trek and they're always hopping around at the speed of light to the Nth power.Travel faster tha ...

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10 Tips to Becoming a Gold-Dust-Person

made up of your goals and dreams and plans and projects? Imagine for a moment what it looks like on Star Trek as someone is "beamed" up or down. I am picturing the Star Trek of my childhood where I th ...

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An Affair to Forget… ETH301

g Stonecipher in place or having him resign, they made that call correctly. As Spock once said in a Star Trek movie, “the good of the many outweighs the good of the one.”Additionally, from a ...

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The Great American Melting Pot

chool�In the BeginningDiversity in the media began in the 1960's with the television series, Star Trek. The different races found on various planets represented the diversity of cultures presen ... o illustrate this point, we have only to recall what was shown in the media prior to the 1970's. TV stars were almost always white. The few who weren't Caucasian were used for gaffs in comedies, such ...

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Analyzing the Effect of Scientific Advancement on HumanityAdvancements in Sciencetific Technology

ld some day live on another planet then earth. As Captain Jean-Luc Picard says at the beginning of "Star Trek": "Space... The final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its cont ... rlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before". (1987,Star Trek: The Next Generation) It seems to me that humans want to explore the unknown and seek out ...

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Humanizing Computers

has been dreamt about since the beginnings of the 1900s. Science Fiction is full of it-the robot in Star Trek, R2D2 from Star Wars, and all of the Transformers. But why is computer science not advance ...

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