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Personal Interest: Snowboarding

s. At times, I would daringly jump off cliffs into soft, white snow and I'm always thinking of what stunts or tricks that I'll do on the next run. During breaks, I also enjoy sitting down to relax and ...

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Biology notes on viruses.

ere seeking to identify the infectious agent responsible for tobacco mosaic disease, a disease that stunts the growth of tobacco plants and makes their leaves blotchy. One experiment used fine-pored p ...

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Essay on Entertainment. Gabler says that it is bad for the mind. This is an arguement to that.

ews of the common people. For example, the show Jackass, a show about guys doing absurd and idiotic stunts featured on the highly viewed MTV, sends off a subliminal message to the audience that the st ... cent episode. If it were not so, they would not have needed to warn its viewers about imitating the stunts.While entertainment dissolves morality, it carries on with it acts of poisoning the springs o ...

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The History of Snowboarding

e frozen rainbows. At times, I go off trails and into soft, white snow. I'm always thinking of what stunts or tricks that I'll do on the next run. During breaks, I like sitting down to relax and look ...

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This is a pre-made speech, things may need to be changed if being used in america, eg glassons is the new zealand hot topic or where ever teens shop.

tries for new ideas, so that we can then steal them for our own. Whether it is fashion, language or stunts and pranks from movies us kiwis will be there, copying everyone else like fish too eager to b ...

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Inline skate (exposition)

d for aggressive skating, fitness training, hockey, or racing. Aggressive skates are made for doing stunts on ramps and rails. They have small wheels, a grind plate, and are constructed to withstand e ...

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Grunig and Hunt's Four Models of Public Relations

ry) deals with the activities of those who will do anything to gain publicity. Perhaps Bransonesque stunts are not appropriate for establishing convincing social responsibility, but certainly widespre ...

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Tv effects on children.

ence youngsters to mimic violent acts because their parents do not fully explain the effects of the stunts. It is pathetic that in such a technology based society, such a simple thing as television ca ...

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Comparison between "The Matrix" and Plato's "Allegory of the Cave"

"The Matrix" appears to be a movie of superb cinematography, gravity defying stunts, and an enjoyable, action-filled plot; however, through further analysis, it becomes apparent ...

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This book was about the first season of the television show 'Alias'. It was called "Alias: Declassified"

were recruited by the CIA, because she could go on incredible missions and have kick-ass fights and stunts." He was only joking, but he wrote that idea down to work on later. Felicity was about a youn ... d to fit the part to his personality.I could not believe that they would let Jennifer Garner do the stunts she does. They have her driving into a river, jumping off a three story high platform and wal ...

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Commercial Aviation in the 1920's

the twenties got the gears of aviation cranking in the right direction. Barnstormers would perform stunts at air shows and attract large crowds, however their daredevil approach achieved mixed result ... ing from the spring of 1919 until mid 1920, these barnstormers would give rides and perform various stunts at fairs nation-wide. Although they brought a lot of attention to the aviation with their per ...

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show violence.Six months does not go by without somebody being on the news because of copying some stunts done on TV. For example, recently two thirteen-year-old boys copied what they saw on Jackass, ... copied what they saw on Jackass, a show on MTV. On the show, five guys do ridiculous and disgusting stunts. On a recent episode, one of the guys was set on fire and quickly jumped into a pool. A fire ...

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ing that time period. Therefore, requiring actors to have a knowledge in protecting themselves from stunts and falls. Here, fencing was a mandatory skill. Actors must have known how to fight to the de ...

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Risks vs Planning

ected position; it also builds confidence for the person doing the task and helps avoid impractical stunts.By planning carefully, one will be in full control of what is going on and what is required t ...

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Acid Rain Experiment.

and needles to turn brown and fall off. In addition, it depletes minerals from the soil and then it stunts the growth of the plant. Some of the most dramatic effects on forests have been observed in E ...

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Repent Harlequin

s the past day. The Harlequin disagrees with this way of life, so he disrupts it by pulling comical stunts like throwing thousands of jellybeans from the sky, which stops production in a factory and t ...

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Baker has a point when he comments on the things

vision to do. There is a warning before every Jackass show that the public shouldn't try any of the stunts seen on the show. You hear countless stories of people getting hurt that disregard these warn ...

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Most girls dream about becoming part of a cheerleading squad.

a couple of minutes. There are practices for hours, and usually more than one per week. All of the stunts have to be just perfect so that the person in the air doesn't fall, so the bases have to be v ...

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Has Television Gone Too Far?

Tom Green, who in any other era would have been long locked away or beaten to death by now for the stunts that he pulls, but because of television this man is a well-known and, dare I say, respected ...

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Improving Organizational Performance

rofessional Arial stunt firm based in Salt Lake City. The company is engaged in many types of Arial stunts and serves a host of industries varying from movies to marketing. The first several years wer ... business. During the last 2 years though business suffered based on dissatisfaction with quality of stunts. In addition, number of employees left the company and the job satisfaction is low. I was hir ...

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