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Do you agree with the suggestion that being familiar with the various theories of leadership would help to improve modern management?

a basis for the development of an organization are:1. Transactional/Transformational2. Situational Theory3. Theory X and Theory Y4. Contingency TheoryTransactional/TransformationalTransactionalThis h ... ganization, so that targets, results and procedures are delivered, developed and shared.Situational TheoryThis type of leadership is based upon the importance of the situation. The person who becomes ...

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The X Theory and Y Theory

The X Theory and Y TheoryDouglas McGregor, a social psychologist, introduced us to his famous X-Y Theory i ... psychologist, introduced us to his famous X-Y Theory in his 1960 book The Human Side of Enterprise. Theory X and Theory Y are most commonly referred to in the field of management and employee motivati ... e Y theories begin with the premise that management's role is to assemble the factors of production.Theory X assumes that the average person: dislikes work and avoids it by all measures; has no ambiti ...

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Work Place Motivation

study of motivational theories. The basis for these studies have been to come up with some working theory that explains what motivates an individual, why, and how this motivation is reliant upon both ... Our text lists several theories on motivation. The ones mentioned are:The Hierarchy of Needs- this theory is based on Abraham Maslow's needs system, which states that as certain needs are met a shift ...

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Description of how managment has developed

hat if someone works in an environment they are happy then they will work harder and have more of a Theory Y mentality. After developments in this area quantitative management approaches were taken in ...

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'Human Resource Management works well in theory but not in practice'. Discuss.

Human Resource ManagementWorks Well In Theory ButNot In PracticeA Report submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award ... 2004ABSTRACTThis paper discusses the issue of whether Human Resource Management (HRM) works well in theory but not in practice, through the topic of 'Motivation and Reward'.Through the use of both qua ... ng the strategy and the needs and wants of their employees. Concepts will inevitably work better in theory as it is assumed that human behaviour is rational, wherein in practice humans are often irrat ...

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Theory X&Y

Theory X & Y exemplified the view of employee motivation and the perspective that employees are ... ivation and the perspective that employees are motivated by their social environment and not money. Theory X also known as the authoritarian management style has a pessimistic point of view on workers ... le, therefore people must be forced with threat or punishment to work towards organizational goals. Theory X also states that the average person prefers to be directed, avoids responsibility, is un-am ...

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Theory Y vs. Theory X

After taking a quick quiz, it would seem that I prefer the environment created by a Theory Y management style. Theory Y is the most predominately used method of management. This theory ... a sense of ownership among employees and eventually diminishes work production. If I worked in an X theory employment situation, I would feel like I was working only for the salary and pray that no pr ...

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Case Analysis Of The Human Enterprise

n - 2 - The Human Side of Enterprise All managerial decisions and actions rest on a personally held theory, or as Gayle Porter put it in his summary of The Human Side of Enterprise, "a set of assumpti ... egor, the original author of The Human side of Enterprise, believed in two theories. The first one, theory X, dealt with the conventional assumptions made by management. The second one, Theory Y, deal ...

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Principles and Functions of Management

hip in terms of two opposite sets of assumptions taken shape by Douglas McGregor (1960) is known as Theory X and Theory Y. First of all, Theory X managers who described to be lazy, irresponsible, rela ... irective in approach to leadership, but also strict and authoritarian with their subordinates. This theory can be seen as modern management method.In contrast, Theory Y managers are a view of positive ...

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ts as an organization's turnover and absenteeism rates decrease.Abraham Maslow developed his famous theory of human motivation in 1943 which included what he described as a hierarchy of needs (cited i ... ow's look at human motivation seems to concentrate on the needs of human beings, Douglas McGregor's theory tends to look at the attitudes and assumptions that managers hold on human nature. Published ...

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Management Theory Taxonomy

The following taxonomy will focus on 10 different management theories which will list the author, theory and significance.Management theory can be defined as a group of rules, regulations, ideas and ... cified goals by using any and all resources available in the most efficient way possible.Management Theory TaxonomyAuthorTheory and descriptionSignificanceDouglas McGregorTheory X&Y - Theory X ass ...

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From Your Understanding of Leadership, Explain Why It Is Important to Attend to Both Task and Process Issues

een upon a lot of theories by different theorists. One of the first academic theories was the Trait theory which tried to describe the types of behavior and personality tendencies associated with effe ... ociated with effective leadership. We can see that (Huczynski and Buchanan 2001) describe the trait theory as an "Attempt to identify the personality traits and other related attributes of the effecti ...

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Organization and Management Anaylsis

success in the future. For managers, it is key for them to be able to adapt their Management Style/Theory to improve their organization, in order to be successful. There are five main Organizational ... Open-System, and Modern System. There are four main Management Theories to include: Participative, Theory X & Y, Theory Z, and Total Quality. There are also five main Management Styles associated ...

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bussiness assignment

z faire. The concept of laissez faire leadership and autocratic leadership is explained in terms of theory X and theory Y. Theory X presumes that the employees are lazy, need close supervision, and mu ... on, and must be forced to deliver the assigned duties. In this perspective the leaders portrayed in theory X are likely to be authoritative. They have high degree of direct involvement in the duties o ...

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Theory X & Y

d employee motivation to the style of management. He categorized employee behavior into two types - Theory X and Theory Y. Theory Y employees seemed to like work, were eager to please and worked hard ... nitiative. McGregor suggested that employee behavior was the result of the management style.In this theory management assumes employees are ambitious, self-motivated, anxious to accept greater respons ...

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