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"Will the UK Constitutional reform programme 'save' the state or hasten its demise."

tionThe United Kingdom has seen more constitutional reform under the first New Labour government of Tony Blair than in the previous century. Power has been devolved away from Westminster to the Scotti ...

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Outline the different roles and assess the relative importance of the UK and US cabinets.

back and passed through the House of Commons. However in recent years it would be fair to say that Tony Blair is moving away from the Cabinet government and more towards a prime ministerial/president ... the cabinet and the very argumentative processes the cabinet's influence is decreasing rapidly and Tony Blair's use of it has diminished its authority even more.

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A poem about war

apons to sendWearing green they look really smartTaking their brave job to heartEnglish priminister Tony BlairGave the country a real scareIraq leader Saddam HusseinHas been a real painIn the dark the ...

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Anthony Giddens' "The Third Way".

many countries across the world. Giddens is often presented as the ideological father, the guru of Tony Blair. He has influenced the evolution of the so called New Labour. In 1998 Giddens published a ...

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That military action in iraq was justified.

ant that is saddam Hussein. If it were not properly executed we would rid the world of john Howard, Tony Blair and George bush. So I think you all will agree that whichever way the war went it was win ...

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Essay on British PM's Power.

cess of the re-branded Labour Party into government ending 18 years of Conservative rule. Headed by Tony Blair who became the new Prime Minister the party won a huge overall majority in Parliament of ... at the PM in the UK political system has become more powerful vis-à-vis to his predecessors. Tony Benn has described this as " a system of personal rule in the very heart of our parliamentary d ...

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Iraq Conflict Speech (Pro War) -Written before the war.

logical, chemical and mass destruction weapons. We are informed of this by the Dossier published by Tony Blair:"Iraq has a useable chemical and biological weapons capability, in breach of UNSCR 687, w ...

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What factors might be preventing working class children from choosing to go to university?

Tony Blair has said his priorities are 'Education, education, education.'Both this Labour government ... rybody else was getting paid in precise terms, you'd find quite a lot of differences there already,"Tony Blair finished with the following statement:"I just hope that we can work with the teaching pro ...

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Power and Authority.

on, as Parliament has existed for hundreds of years; charisma, as many people may follow present PM Tony Blair through the strength and attraction of his personality; and democratically through the pe ...

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Great Britain: European Representative or United States Ally

ed to fight off the world threatening Nazis. This close relationship once again sprang to life with Tony Blair's relationship with George W. Bush. They have this relationship because of the war in Ira ... nship that is even today showing its effects.In today's times, just like Winston Churchill in 1945, Tony Blair turns to the United States for alliance rather than fellow European countries. There is n ...

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"The Prime Minister's power and his current policy" (2003)

h Prime Minister. As an example I especially want to refer to the current "leader" in Great Britain Tony Blair and the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. I will discuss the question weather the ... restricted in his/her decisions. I also want to cite positive and negative opinions on the changes Tony Blair made in British policy since 1997, when T. Blair led the Labour Party to power for the fi ...

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Both the military and the spooks are opposed to war on Iraq.

reater than that posed by Saddam Hussein. And it will get worse when the US and Britain attack Iraq.Tony Blair may not want to admit it, but this is the common view throughout the higher reaches of go ...

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Book Report on: A Geddes and J Tonge (editors), "Britain Decides". The UK General Election 2005 (Palgrave)

ome of this general election was that Labour's majority was slashed and this has been mainly due to Tony Blair's credibility being battered thanks to the Iraq war. The Iraq war issue proved to be high ... the matter. An NOP/Independent poll on 22-24 April (sample 959) suggested that 49% of people agreed Tony Blair was wrong to take Britain to war with Iraq, while only 12% disagreed and 32% said neither ...

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'Indicate left and turn right'. To what extent does it represent Blair's policy?

Spending his holiday on the Ile de Re with Lionel Jospin, Tony Blair and the then French Prime Minister were visiting the island by car. As they arrived at a ... ition fees -better known as top-up fees- that can reach $3000 per year were brought in. Even though Tony Blair claimed his commitment to increase the number of working-class students in higher educati ... A. (2002). Where Now for New Labour? Cambridge: Polity Press* Langellier, J. (2005). Royaume-Uni : Tony Blair maintient la retraite à 60 ans dans le secteur publique, in Le Monde, 20 October 2 ...

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Has democracy been enhanced in Britain because of Tony Blair's recent political reforms or not?

The question at hand seeks to determine if democracy has been enhanced in Britain as a result of Tony Blair's recent political reforms or not?What is democracy? Democracy can be defined as a form o ... dinary scope of performance of duties remains profound."After analyzing Britain's political system, Tony Blair recognized that there needed to be a change in the system. "We are now in the Second Age ...

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Film Analysis : The Queen

n3.Setting--3.1Date : 1997--3.2Place : Britain4.Characters--4.1Main----4.1.1Queen Elizabeth----4.1.2Tony Blair4.2Minor----4.2.1Princess Diana----4.2.2Alastair Campbell----4.2.3People of the nation5.Su ... ampbell----4.2.3People of the nation5.SummaryThe film begins on the 1997 Britain elections on which Tony Blair was showed as the United Kingdom's first Labour Party Prime Minister in 18 years. The Que ...

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How does class influence identity in contemporary society?

class is important it isn't the only factor as claimed by Marx.The class definitions, according to Tony Blair, are changing. No longer is there an upper, middle and lower class. The lower class is be ...

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The Worldwide Phenomenon

ide Phenomenon"Global warming is too serious for the world any longer to ignore its danger…"-Tony Blair. The people who refuse to see the truth concerning global warming are foolish. Global war ...

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Higher Education Policies in UK --- The Development to Meet the Challenges

the field of non-intervention principles. The important turning point of the former Prime Minister Tony Blair came into power. Blair's New Labour won the political power in 1997. From then on his gov ...

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The Police Force is a Service in Crisis?

The Labour Government under Tony Blair came into power in 1997 with a promise to rapidly increase the number of police. In 2000 ...

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