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What does the notion of legitimacy and social contract have to do with corporate disclosure policies?

t al.1995). More specifically, corporations have been changing their disclosure policy towards the "triple bottom line reporting", where in addition to economic performance, social and environmental i ...

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TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE Reporting and Accounting Standard Lays Groundwork for Managing Corporate Social Responsibility

claration on Cleaner Production, or the Responsible Care Code of Practice of the chemicals industry.Triple-Bottom-Line ReportingAt annual meetings, concerned shareholders are increasingly calling on d ... tionably a mainstream business issue. So it should be with human rights."The overall trend towards "triple bottom line" accounting and reporting is growing, whereby organisations provide an integrated ...

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Communications: Core of the firm - Exploring the linkages communication provides within the organisation membrane

aking into consideration societal impacts, through mechanisms such as the balance scorecard and the triple bottom-line.We also explored how HRD or HPD (Human potential development) can be leveraged wi ...

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Using SWOT, Value Chain, Porter's Five Forces and other variables in Panera Bread Company, USA

of the organization.Porter's five forces model, concept of strategy groupings, resource based view, triple bottom line reporting, value chain analysis and financial analysis would have to be examined ... Porters five forces model, strategic groupings, value chain, SWOT and financial analysis including triple bottom line reporting, and how these concepts would help the PBC to be a market leader would ...

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Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Regulatory and Legal Framework

hangeably with other related topics, such as corporate sustainability, corporate social investment, triple bottom line, socially responsible investment and corporate governance (Kercher, 2006). In rec ...

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Contrasting Public Administration with New Public Management

livering public goods and services as well as an increasing social responsibility often reported as triple bottom line. The aim of this paper is to contrast the traditional model of public administrat ...

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Triple Bottom Line Theory

Triple Bottom Line Theory & Organization Profits TheoryAll corporations are concerned with how m ... s their bottom line. The bottom line is what is used to measure the profitability of a company. The Triple Bottom Line Theory not only measures a company's bottom line, but it also measures the compan ... nvestors. To judge from the focus of financial reports, profit is the only purpose of business".The Triple Bottom Line Theory is a way of expressing an organization's impact and sustainability on both ...

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Systems Theory and Triple Bottom Line theory Analysis

Systems Theory and Triple Bottom Line theory AnalysisCorporations should be and could be a major force for resolving en ... ., 2004.The following paper will be a two-page analysis on the ways in which Systems Theory and the Triple Bottom Line Theory support each other. According to the article entitled, "Theories of Corpor ... t surrounds this establishment. Hopefully, the changes they make will have a positive effect.In the Triple Bottom Line Theory, the corporation is doing everything it can in order to maximize profits a ...

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Sustainable Tourism

ue-based concepts, it is highly interwoven with SD, it requires the same application of meeting the triple bottom line however focusing more towards the tourism sector. The concept aims to reduce the ...

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Sustainability Within The Quantity Surveying Profession

fession has played on developments, I will evaluate the positive and negative contributions to the 'triple bottom line' of stakeholders, using examples observed along the sustainability walk.The Goodw ... trian and cyclist bridge, where my profession has contributed to a negative economic impact on the 'triple bottom line' of stakeholders. The bridge was cost co-ordinated by Arup Services in 2000, the ...

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Socially Responsibility Case Study

t takes count of profit and includes the social and ecological costs of a business is referred to a triple bottom line.There are several solutions for the general manager of Nanna's mixed fruit to con ...

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Can Business Move Beyond Efficency

iency Panacea or Problem?The concepts of sustainable development in the 1980s (Bruntland, 1987) and Triple Bottom Line(Elkington, 1997) in the 1990's have had the effect of widening corporate responsi ... criteria of corporate sustainability (see figure 1) and McDonough and Braungart (2002) model of the triple top line (see figure 2). A summary of the criteria or components of each model can be found i ...

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