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Underground to Canada : Mammy Sally's Version

und a passage way out o' here.' Mammy Sally looked shocker. 'But if we get caught Massa Simms gonna whip us until our day are done workin'. 'Said Mammy Sally. But, Nina was Strong and Fearless and sai ... le treat us I goin' to Canada. Mammy Sally stood there for a while and in came Massa Simms with his whip. And said 'You ladies gonna be standin' for a while' Mammy Sally looked frightened and said 'No ...

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Consent and It's Place in SM Sex

At first the sting of the whip, and the reddening of her ass felt wonderful, but Carrie knew that the pain would soon become u ... that in all these situations consent is an almost mandatory factor. Consent is what makes combining whips, needles, electricity, and the human body safe.4

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a story about when i was younger

d it's doors with a sucking noise,similar to a straw. Shoving to the front, it was difficult not to whipother kids with my fifty-ton backpack I transported around like apack mule. At last I exited the ...

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race up to him, leaping up and feeling his strong arms embrace and twirl me around.My mother would whip up a splendid dinner of meat and the freshest vegetables you could get. Occasionally, she would ...

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This is my first essay!

vile creature jumped at the creature, clawsextended. The beast was killed with two cracks of her whip. The child lookedup at the beast which saved her life. The girl child was no older than two. ...

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Describe in your own words how the deviancy amplification spiral operates to produce a 'moral panic'. Illustrate with two examples.

tial characters within society who define what behavior is classed as abnormal or immoral and then 'whip up' a public frenzy that ultimately ends in a radical 'crackdown' on the issue. The culprits at ...

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A fictional story, depicting the escape to freedom of several slaves.

re Zoe had been sold, Mammy Voni had told her about about a place called Canada, where no one could whip her, and no one cared about the color of her skin. "When you step onto this land, you are free. ...

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Text analysis

f physical punishment. The question which is raised by the author definitely is "Should children be whipped?"The text starts from the general introduction using a statement of general truths, which in ... er that goes body of the text where the action takes place:1) Dicky's mother presses her husband to whip Dicky2) The act of punishment3) The feel of remorseThe text finished with a rhetoric question: ...

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A look at Frederick Douglass' life as a slave and free man.

m were not his real family. He was led to believe that his father was his master, the man who would whip him and treat him as property and not as a son. Now a freeman he must become his own person. Fr ... hich they acted. The slightest wrong move or expression would send suspicion upon them, and cause a whipping or the fear that they might be killed. When he left Baltimore to make his freedom path to N ...

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Character Analysis: Tom from Uncle Tom's Cabin

ater promoted to slave driver. He declines, because he doesn't like to beat the other slaves with a whip or any other item, for that matter. In the first two plantations, Tom is treated very we ...

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How slaves were affected physically, mentally, emotionally, and economically due to slavery

all white folks warn 't good to dere slaves, cause I'se seen poe niggas almos' to'e up by dogs, and whipped unmercifully, when dey did'nt do lack de white folks say." Mary Reynolds remembers, "I seed ... tied together and they naked behinds to the world. Solomon the [sic] overseer beat them with a big whip and massa look on. The niggers better not stop in the fields when they hear them yellin'. They ...

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How they cruxified people

ou through the court yard and let people mock,spit and ridicule you. After they had done that, they whipped you but not just once, im estimating around 30-40 times. At the sound of the whip a painful ... nful cut would be left showing the blood that was within you at the time. It seemed that sense they whipped you so hard it was difficult to move, making it seem impossible for you to hold the cross yo ...

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Attraction and psychology

ation with physically attractive persons while blowing off more unattractive ones? Why does my head whip around when I see a man in a Porsche? Why do my male friends all have the same prerequisites fo ...

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Report on "Managing Performance at Haier"

agement of workers and engineers at Haier may be characterized as the management of "a carrot and a whip." We may see some similarity between Haier's management of workers and Taylor's scientific mana ...

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Pond Water Life Lab - Science Probe 10

, and an ichthyophthirius that moved slowly on circles. I also saw a euglena, which flicked out its whip to move around randomly.Conclusion: The slide was very interesting and had a lot of activity. I ... because they have chloroplasts.4. Animal-like protest can breathe, and eat.5. The euglena uses its whip-like "tail" to move. It flicks the tail and that propels it around.6. The paramecium uses its c ...

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Jimmy Carter: Peacemaker

and taking care of her children ("James Earl Carter"). His father was stricter, and would sometimes whip Jimmy when he was disobedient (Carter "The Making of A Peacemaker"). Once, when Jimmy got lost ...

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Boys should learn to cook

es not have to buy food for himself each time he wishes to fill his stomach. Instead, he can easily whip up something simple yet nutritious at home.Many men marry late these days, and they live away f ...

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on screamed at her."Sorry daddy, I swear it slipped out of my hands, I didn't mean it. Please don't whip me."I cowered back into a corner with my arms over my downcast face. Daddy stepped over the sha ... outh of yours, I will lock you in your room forever and the only thing that's gonna visit you is my whip!"As daddy left the room, I slowly slid down the wall into a fetal position whimpering like the ...

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"The Crucible": Journal Project – John Proctor - Journal 1

or us, but I have to constantly remind her that she cannot leave our house. I told her that I would whip her if she does not obey my rules.When I saw Abigail, I told her that I had made no promise to ... ad feelings for her, but that our relationship was over. Abigail mocked my wife, so I threatened to whip her. She started crying that I put knowledge in her heart, and she declared that I cannot ask h ...

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Billy Budd

sferred to the Bellipotent. His symbol of "innocence" was noted when Billy witnessed Claggart whip another member of his crew for neglecting his responsibilities, and vowed to fulfill his duties ...

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