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This is my version of "A Rose for Emily" in the 1st person POV. Please read "A Rose for Emily" for a better understanding of my piece.

http://www.ariyam.com/docs/lit/wf_rose.html"You useless vessel of dung! After all I do for you!" Mr. Grierson screamed at her.

"Sorry daddy, I swear it slipped out of my hands, I didn't mean it. Please don't whip me."I cowered back into a corner with my arms over my downcast face. Daddy stepped over the shattered picture frame housing a small portrait of him that mom had painted before she died. During pursuit, he extended his arm back as if to catapult forth his rage but halted when he saw a stream of wetness flowing down my leg.

"How dare you lose your water in front of me, girl! What man in this God forsaken town is gonna want to marry a piece of slut trash who don't control her bladder?" He raged to me.

Through quivering lips, I opened my mouth as if to respond but nothing came forth besides flowing tears.

"Don't bother explaining yourself! I'll tell you what you're gonna do; your gonna re-paint that picture missy; if you don't know how to paint, you're gonna learn until your good enough to. If I hear any lip out of that mouth of yours, I will lock you in your room forever and the only thing that's gonna visit you is my whip!"As daddy left the room, I slowly slid down the wall into a fetal position whimpering like the little baby that I was. I could not get his towering image of oppression out of my mind. It was as if his image was burned in my head, and replaced the stagnant air that remained in the room.

"I'm sorry daddy, I didn't...