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oil.In a few days the hurricane will have grown greatly in size andpower. The swirling shape of the winds of the hurricane is shaped like adough-nut. At the center of this giant 'dough-nut' is a cloud ... y having a radius of 10 miles. Through it, the blue waters of theocean can be seen. The hurricane's wind speed near the center of thehurricane ranges from 75 miles to 150 miles per hour.The winds of a ...

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Spirits of the night

adow ormovement in the evening twilight.But no more. Now, doors barred the entrances along with the windows. Residentshurried home lest they be caught outside after dark, and cars were secured in thei ... ision or at their dinner tables, eating silentmeals of penance. And listening, always listening.The wind would brush through the streets blowing the gutters clean of leaves anddebris. The wind would b ...

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Experiencing skydiving and the lessons it can teach.

ear skydiving, finding it hard to jump out of a plane willingly. I cannot help but love the way the wind embraces me. My best jump was my first jump due to the exceptional feeling of anticipation and ... face and jumped. I could no longer depend on the floor being below my feet. I had to trust both the wind and my parachute would carry me down to the ground safely. I eagerly stretched out my body in o ...

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Enchanting Escape

largest hill that I would ever venture down. With a quick push, I was off. I could feel the frosty wind howl at my face as the sled went quicker and quicker down the hill. I looked down the hill to s ... se in size. As the ramp approached, I positioned myself to get maximum velocity on the jump. To the wind I became, as my airborne flight began, the wind whistled at my face as I enjoyed my time in fli ...

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English translation to the 3rd and 4th song on the mandrin singer Jay Chow's 'Jay' CD.

3) Starry Mood (Xin Qing)Riding the windDrifting by the blue skyA cloud drops down in front of meMorphs into your shapeFollows me with t ... som fragrant just for youLet the setting sun take flightTaking us on a grand tour of natureWith the windStart to spend every day togetherHand in hand, one step, two steps, three steps, four steps,gazi ...

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English translation to the 9th and 10th song on the mandrin singer Jay Chow's 'Jay' CD.

9) Tornado (Long Juan Feng)Love is like a gust of windIt leaves after it has blownThis sort of rhythmWould frustrate anybodyAfter I lost youI lost my ... ly, sadly leavingSinking deep into danger - babyIt's like my world has been ripped apart by violent wind and rainLove came too quickly, just like a tornadoCan't leave the storm and it's too late to es ... so different about his smile, that you no longer favor me in your heartMy bleak sky, be it rain or wind, or the rainbow, you control them allBridge:Hating myself for being useless, that my emotions a ...

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It's just me expressing my feelings, please tell me what you think.

ey on booze, but you're ashamed. You're ten times the man he is. Or are you? You're cold again. The wind keeps blowing under your loose coat. You keep walking. Again a gust of wind. Why is it so windy ... m hot to cold, too fast. You stop. The light is red. It tells you "Stop!" And yet you go. You see a window. As you pass by, you hear an argument. You have it good. You have it made. It's not enough. A ...

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Ode to the west wind - questions and answers

the real image he sees in front of him, explain the monotony of an Autumn Day "conversing" with the Wind. There are no feelings involved in the depiction of the nature.ľHow is the wind bot ... nevitable coming of Spring. It is, therefore, both Destroyer and Creator, and Shelley sees the West Wind as a symbol of the regeneration which will follow the destruction and "death" of Winter. The We ...

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Bob Dylan "Blowin' in the Wind"

The message of "Blowin' in the Wind", the lyrics, and the monotonous inflection of Bob Dylan's voice all create a somber feeling in ... s he is asking because no one can be the ultimate judge, therefore, the answers are "blowin' in the wind." I did not realize that the song was about war until the second verse when he sang, "ye ...

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This is a medley of 3 poems about some different things there is some about nature and some about god and other things.

The windI blow around all day long I am the wind I have been around for o so longI pass by the snow that ... anHe is so old and wise he controls the tideHe knows old sailors and brand knew speed boatsI am the wind and I go everywhereMr. TreeHi my name is Mr. Tree I have bark cant you see,people laugh when th ...

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Sinclair Ross's Praire Isolation by Symbolism: "The Lamp at Noon"

he emotions of Ellen, a housewife desperate for freedom of the dustbowl lifestyle. The authority of wind and dust seem to taunt Ellen and her husband, Paul, into desperation. Ross applies symbolism ac ... ries - she lights the lamp, just as she lights her hopeful feelings. As Ellen waits for Paul by the window the "lamp reach[es] out through the open door" (7) towards Paul, subsequently it is Ellen who ...

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The Fallen

ehind white scaffolding. The diesel fumes of the passing buses, blown into her eyes on the blustery wind, made the girl's eyes water. The same wind was responsible for the brown haze which shrounded t ...

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Italian Treasury Plans To Sell All Oil Sector Holdings

el is more complex because of the higher risks involved due to the genco sales and the placement of Wind-Infostrada," he said.Enel recently completed the purchase of Infostrada, an Italian wireline te ... of Infostrada, an Italian wireline telecom operator, from Vodafone (VOD) and plans to merge it with Wind, the telecom operator Enel already owns with France Telecom (FTE). Enel plans to list the new W ...

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The Silent Song

hing along"¦ alone.The world surrounding me "" Trying to pull me in: (2 seconds silence) The wind whispers into my heart.These whispers are all lies "" So now I know.I listened to those lies; I ... so.I did move "" Out of fear of what else would be whispered about me.Even caterpillars can see the wind when it whispers "" The wind may not know, but the caterpillar sees.(2 seconds silence) These w ...

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Descriptive Winter Essay

Whipping winter wind tears through the thin layer of Gortex. A giant shudder convulses my body as the wind makes con ... me to the bone. Breath freezes the moment it touches the cool air. Yet it continues to swirl in the wind like a miniature cloud exiting my mouth.Straining, my eyes scanned the surroundings looking for ... ng through the deep snow. Time seems to be frozen, along with my feet, in the blizzard of white and wind. I can't tell I'm moving or standing completely still.Realizing it's the latter I once again co ...

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peat last line) (run fingers down arm quickly) Whoo-o! Whoo-w! Whoo-o-oo! (imitate train whistle) Unwind the Thread Unwind, wind the thread.Unwind, wind the thread.Pull the thread, pull the thread.Cla ... thread, pull the thread.Clap, clap, clap.(rotate arms one around the other, first outward, then at "wind," inward towards the body; motion of pulling "thread" and and clapping Shake Your Hands Shake y ...

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Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy

Hardy's Lost Pages Following Eustacia's Final soliloquy at that moment the wind's harshness grew and the rain, which had already begun to bleed through the wrappings of the br ... the same instant, so did the rain. As the hunched over figure heaved her body with heavy sobs, the wind howled, angrier than ever, but then the moment of unison was destroyed; Eustacia managed to pul ... ld not avoid the overwhelming feeling that the thread of her life had come to an end. Just then the wind unleashed all of its might causing the woman to slip backwards, back into the dark cauldron tow ...

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An essay on Natural Hazard; Storms and Black Saturday, Canberra, 2003

8 January, whenlightning strikes in adjacent national parksignited a number of bushfires. Shifting windswidened the fire fronts of these fires, joining sometogether. Eight days later, strong south-we ... idened the fire fronts of these fires, joining sometogether. Eight days later, strong south-westerlywinds drove the bushfire towards the nationalcapital.The fierce winds blew burning embers ahead ofth ...

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An essay on tropical cyclones

f warm, moist air risingrapidly. The upward ¯ow of air is de¯ected by theCoriolis effect (winds de¯ected by the Earth'srotation), creating a rotation around a centralcore, known as the ... ion around a centralcore, known as the `eye'. Tropical cyclones areoften accompanied by very strong winds (gusts ofover 300 kilometres per hour have been recorded),torrential rain (1800 millimetres in ...

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