12 Angry Men

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For our oral presentation on "12 Angry Men" Jenny Gray, Kathryn Burt and I decided to perform the oral creatively. We took on the role of the boy's defence lawyers and argued our case in front of the class who pretended to be the jury. Our oral revolved around six pieces of evidence, which were the: 1. boy's motive 2. boy's alibi 3. woman across the tracks seeing the boy kill his father 4. old man down stairs hearing the boy yell "I'm going to kill you!" 5. unique knife 6. old man seeing the boy run down the stairs Our aim was to prove that each piece of the above evidence was not correct and there was a strong reasonable doubt that the boy did kill his father. I believe that our group performed our oral very well. We were confident in what we were doing and we were well prepared.

We made sure that we would have as much class interaction as possible by asking questions, having a vote, and asking volunteers from the class to take part in some of the evidence we presented. For example we asked Bradley to tie his shoes laces together and see how far he could walk in fifteen seconds to prove that the old man could not have walked to the door in that time.

There was a small problem with proving the fourth point of evidence since the volume of the CD player could not be turned up high enough to prove our point properly. However, I still believe convinced the jury (our class) that the boy was innocent and since this was our aim I believe we successfully presented our oral.