1984 Character Profile: Winston

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1984 CHARACTER PROFILE: WINSTON Winston is an average man with an average appearance and average thoughts (at least for a person in his situation). He's around thirty-nine years of age, since an exact age can't be determined due to all of the corruption in his history books, and isn't exactly the cutest guy you've ever seen. Winston has a varicose ulcer just above his right ankle, a more than sufficient amount of aging, and is not in very good shape.

Throughout the story, Winston speaks out against the Party and Big Brother and to the totalitarian government in one form or another. Most of his crimes were thoughtcrimes, which he had performed much of his adult life, from daring to think that he wanted to have sex with a woman who did not think of it as disgusting and her duty to the Party, to opening a diary and writing his own opinions.

For just one of these natural acts, Winston could be executed or sent to a forced labor camp.

Though he attempts to hide his heretic thoughts, he knows that eventually he will be caught. However, for a short while Winston succeeded in hiding his thoughts until he became entangled in the Brotherhood, or what he believed the Brotherhood to be.

Eventually Winston discovers how he should have hidden his thoughts; he must not simply hide them from the public, but from himself as well. Fore he might arouse Stephens 2 suspicion by way of subliminal muttering while he sleeps or maybe from an unusual look on his face. It would not be until the moment of his death that he would unleash these thoughts, and they would be untouchable and uncorrupted by society, the future's only hope.

Although Winston wasn't very handsome, he somehow managed to get...