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George Orwell's 1984, is a novel about the life of Winston Smith living in a totalitarianism state where Big Brother has control, power and dominates the lives of citizens. There are many significant paragraphs which stand out in the book however I extracted the passage on pages 127, 128 from "Folly, Folly, his heart....." to "...the absence of a telescreen" because it has great literary insight and significant elements of symbolism behind it.(This is where Winston heard the prole women singing for the first time.)

The first line starts of with "Folly, Folly" which is a repetition of the word twice. The word folly basically means the trait of acting stupidly or rashly. This depicts the protagonist's emotions towards his opponent which is the Big Brother. The word folly could be used as a repetition to convey Winston's confusion on who to blame for their stupidity. Either his frustration for the Party for dominating, controlling and shutting various paths in his life.

The repetition of the word could depict Winston feeling petrified for what yet he's planning to commit. In the passage his heart kept saying, "conscious, gratuitous, suicidal folly" which all means that he is aware that his act is without cause and is exceptionally risky. His heart is repeating these words which convey that Winston's heart belongs to the dominating party. Winston is already transformed into a sincere controlled member of the party in which his emotions are determined by the Party's strict rules which dominate his life. This foreshadows what occurred at the end in which he had to surrender to the Party because his heart already belonged to the Party from the utmost beginning.

Next the vision floated, from guilt to the image of the 'glass paperweight'. The paperweight symbolizes, Winston's desire and obsession to...