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This is the story of my crazy weekend. I go to Seckman High school and play J.V. football. I was born June, 15,89now I am 15 and old enough to get my permit. I'm taking German as a foreign language, but I don't really like it.

One of the coolest things right now is driving. Some of my friends can drive right now because they have their driver's license. Since I am only 15 I can only get my permit right now and all my friends said that it would be easy, that you don't even have to study. So then I thought now everything is going to be easy, but then I found out that was wrong.

See my dad is the type of person that makes you read the whole drivers book, then on top of that quizzes you until he thinks your ready to take the test.

Then after he approved, after countless hours of studying. I went to bed because the next day, on Friday I hade to get up really early and I wasn't going to school, instead I got to go with my dad to the auto show in motion.

This was a place where you could test drive the newest cars they were coming out with. I wasn't old enough to drive, but could ride if there was enough seats. The car I was waiting on was the new 2005 Corvette and the new H2 hummer. When we got there it was cold and rainy, but that didn't stop us. After driving all of the boring cars around the cone track and after the many warnings of being thrown out because of how fast we drove them.

Then we got to the vet's. My dad and his friend got in line and...