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Parish News Letter Nov 21, 2001 Mid-High Youth Our parish has an active and fairly large number of mid-high aged young people. Sixth through eighth grades are a fairly turbulent time for most young people. Transitioning from an elementary school nurturing environment to the self-sufficiency and maturity required for high school in three years is a tall order for any person. Our bodies are maturing, as well as our personalities and social skills. Pretty tough.

Kids need extra parent involvement during these years. The decisions that most adults faced in their high school years are now fully available in middle school. Over the years in mid high ministry we have seem many young people take the wrong course and end up living with decisions than limit their full future potential. It is heart breaking, especially when you remember them before they drifted.

There are many activities in the parish and community geared for the middle school age youth.

Scouts and the variety of sports programs come to mind. I am a firm believer that a rock solid foundation in Catholic teachings and faith as one of the best preventative measures for many of the common failures of our youth. We have an excellent Catholic school. I would encourage you to enroll your child. If you are of means, sponsor a student with tuition assistance. The parish offers an excellent CCF program on Sunday, as well as youth group. Family activities and that little bit of extra patience and time can really pay great dividends farther down the road.

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