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Abortion is the deliberate killing of the weakest and most defenseless among us. Unfortunately, for the last few decades, the practice has been recognized as a fundamental human right by the highest court of the land. Many people are fervent supporters of abortion. Their reasons for support are varied. However, I believe that support for abortion is not possible for those who understand our dignity as human persons under God. We were made by God, and it is from Him that we derive our worth.

The debate over abortion, then, is really a debate over our nature as human creatures. Who are we? Why is life important? It was while grappling with these questions that I wrote the essay, "Evil In Our Time." To this essay have been added others. To advance in understanding is hard work. It is important to think clearly. My fervent hope is that what is said here will help clarify the issues for those who fight for the unborn and will, therefore, in however small a way, be used for the glory of God.

The Pro-Life position revolves around one central tenant - that life begins at conception, or at least quite certainly before birth. Killing for convenience is considered morally wrong, and is distinguished from killing of convicted criminals, who earned their death.

To the Pro-Lifers, this is not necessarily a religious issue. It is to some, such as devout Catholics, but for othhers the issue is that it is a given and a scientific fact that the fetus/unborn baby is a separate life, and presumably a human one. It is an accepted cultural value that killing of critters in general, and especially of humans, is morally and legally wrong. Consequently, without any religion being brought into the discussion, abortion is wrong.

Some of the facts Pro-Lifers toss around include that you can measure both the heartbeat and the brainwaves of the new critter long before the end of the first trimester, and that fetuses in the process of being aborted "feel pain".

As a side note, realize that Pro-Life folk are generally vehemently critical of the killing of abortionists also. They do consider abortionists to be murderers, but they would rather rectify this through other methods. The killers are an extreme fringe elements.

Life may begin at conception, but it is not a person at that point, and does not begin to be a person for quite some time. However, during that time, the woman is subjected to a form of slavery. Men don't have to go through this, so until they do, abortion should be purely the woman's choice.

Another detail is that while it may be life, it is not a viable life. It is completely dependent on this unwilling host, and causes damage in the forms of increased weight gain, moodiness, and increased sick time. This makes it basically a parasite.

It also isn't really a cultural value that the killing of critters in general is wrong. Most of us eat meat, many hunt, and few object to mouse traps.

Lastly, it is still a moral issue, and should be left to the woman to decide. You can't legislate morality, and obviously a group that goes around killing doctors isn't qualified to try.