Achieving Project Goals

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Achieving Project Goals

Hilda Brinas

University of Phoenix

Project Management

MGT 437

Charles A. Vallance

October 22, 2007


Project management is becoming a skill necessary for all managers and specialists. Technology and competition has driven the use of project management to expand. Organizations feel the need to use project management whenever there is a need to achieve objectives that have scope, cost and time restraints. According to the Project Management Institute (2007), project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements. The University of New England's website(2007) states that the project management skills are becoming a required core competency for growth and quality oriented organizations.

A project is any series of activity and tasks which have a specific objective that has to be completed within certain specifications. The task must have a beginning date and a specific deadline and include a budget (Dilts, Pence, 2005).

The task will include a companion of resources. The combination will consist of individuals and material objects. The activities and tasks must be multifunctional. The end result will be for several functions.

Project management involves the planning, execution and follow-up of a project. The planning stages include defining the work requirements, defining the quantity of and quality of work expected to produce and defining the resources needed to complete the project.

The execution of a project involves the implementation of the project with the resources obtained during the planning stages. During this stage the project is put into motion. The project monitoring is where the progress of the project is monitored. During this stage the actual outcome is compared to the outcome initially predicted. The impact of the project is then analyzed and the necessary adjustments, if...