Achieving Project Goals

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Project management has become an increasingly effective tool in the business world over the past few decades. The project management technique can be used in other industries other than a product based business. In the simulation Achieving Project goals, the objective was to safely transport eight elephants to the reserve in Ungoba in a timely manner, with minimal stress to the elephants and the use of the specified resources.

Before completing the simulation I was under the impression that project management would only benefit product based businesses such as construction and manufacturing companies. There were many facets of this simulation that I would not have thought could be confined to time restraints or other resources. The simulation made me realize that the smallest of details could impact a project greatly and possibly cause it to fail. For example, to begin the transportation of the elephants to Ungoba they had to be not just loaded into a crate but tranquilized, sprayed down with water, fitted with a GPS collar and given a medical examine.

Also, the simulation posed a problem early in the project with the breakdown of one of the transport trucks. Just a couple factors to consider were the amount of time the elephants were sedated and the travel time to the airport, and how those factors were going to impact the original scope of the project and the timeline. As the project manager I had to consider the smallest factor and its impact on the entire project. The advantageous aspect of this was absence of multiple "hands in the pot". Having only one person in charge and responsible for the project greatly diminishes the possibility of multiple issues in making a decision and is less time consuming.

There were a couple of advantages and limitations of project management...