Advice for a first time college student

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There is a lot of advice I can give a first time college student .The first thing that I would tell anyone who is starting there first semester of college is to relax! I was so nervous and stressed out about how college was going to be that it interfered with me getting the most out of the experience. If I could do it again, I would enter with less apprehension about school. I would try not to doubt my capabilities and myself. I would decide what I wanted to get out of my classes and put more focus towards achieving my goals. I would not enter with fear and anxiety, because it is not at all useful and gets in the way of your learning. I would not look around the classroom and compare myself to others, and wondering how I would compete with them. I mistakenly assumed that everyone around me was at ease with themselves, and the idea of entering college.

I could not have been more mistaken. There is a diverse group of people entering college for the first time and you are sure to find someone who is experiencing many of the same fears as you.

Planning and managing my time were the most beneficial first steps for me. When I first started the semester I was in a panic all the time. My head was spinning trying to manage my life and get everything done. I could not get the thought of failing out of my head. All of my thoughts about school and time spent on school consumed me and made it next to impossible to complete my other responsibilities. When I was working on something else my mind was still on school so it was not given its needed attention. Making a...