First Week at College.

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As I entered the quad, anxious to begin my college experience, I began to feel very nervous. The thought of actually being in college frightened me. I wasn't sure if I was ready to take on the challenge of pharmacy school. I remembered my high school professor using the cliché, "high school will be the best years of your life." I missed my high school years: easy classes, playing sports, hanging out with friends. I remembered getting through the tough times in high school with my friends. The transition from high school to college is going to be a challenging feat to overcome, but my ambitions of succeeding in college will help me triumph over them.

The first part of my transition started in the residence halls. While on the elevators, one of the guys that I met at orientation welcomed me to my floor and introduced me to his roommates.

I then met my residence advisor (RA) who welcomed me to the floor with open arms. She seemed like a really nice person so I knew I would not have any problems with her. When I first walked into my dorm room, I wasn't quite sure about how my roommate and I were going to be able to live in there. I knew there would be no way for all my belongings to fit in the small space. I wasn't sure if I would be able to make this transition from home living to college living. Back home I was used to sleeping in my bed at night in my own bedroom. I wasn't used to sharing a room with someone else. My mind was set on succeeding in college so I knew I had to adjust quickly. The first night while lying in my bed I remembered the...