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Throughout my life I have been through many experiences, some good, some bad, and some that you hope never happen to you. But despite how dramatic or how extreme these experiences may have been I have learned valuable lessons from each one. Now I would like to share with you (whoever who may be) one of lessons I have learned. My only request is that you take in what advice I am about to give you. But before I do that I would like to inform you that no lesson is greater then another, they all play a role in each other and would not be complete without the others. And with that I would advise you to not only to take a moment to read this lesson, but also & more importantly take them in.

The lesson I would like to share with you is in fact in the form of a story, and although it may not be a personal experience it is just as valuable as any other.

I just heard this not to recently, it has a twist of humor but in the same breath has a much deeper meaning that can apply to everyday life. I will write the story exactly as I heard it so that it may give teach the lesson in the best way possible. The story goes like this… “A sparrow was flying south for the winter, and on its journey towards home it was frozen solid during a blizzard. The frozen sparrow fell to the ground and landed near a cow. (now why a cow was outside during a blizzard still puzzles me, but that is not the point so please bear with me.) The cowwalk over to the sparrow and crapped on him. Now not only has...