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One cloudy, gloomy day in New York City, two cops named Augusto Phazzi and Chad Mitchell were having an ordinary day at the office. Most people don't call Augusto by his real name other then his mother and people that don't know him. They call him by his initials A.P.

He was twenty nine and had been on the force for over ten years. He lives by himself in a little brown house. Throughout his early life he almost could go to any collage that he wanted to. But his heart was set on being on the police force. He had a GPA of over 3.8 every year and he could have become a doctor. He wasn't scared of anything, once he busted a group of six drug heads with only a billy club and a couple pairs of handcuffs.

His partner Chad Mitchell was a little different he had just joined the force and seemed to have weird hobbies.

He was very young he had just turned twenty one. He almost had to join the force because his parents knew he wasn't gonna be able to get into a collage, so they wanted him with an honorable job. He tries hard but he has a slight disability he has ADHD which makes him just jump to things without making any sort of plan.

It was just getting dark outside then A.P and Chad got a call saying there was gonna be a drug deal of cocain going on at about 9:30 near. It was about 8:45 now and they had to get to the other side of the town and fast.

"You think I can arrest them and I could get my first arrest." Chad said impatiently.

"Hopefully it depends on how many people are there." A.P explained.