All My Sons

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Chris is the real tragic figure in Arthur Miller's All my Sons -Short Esay- "Altogether! Your brother's alive, darling, because if he's dead, your father killed him"¦God doesn't let a son be killed by his father"¦" In modern day terms Chris Keller is really the tragic figure in All my Sons. Through out the play Chris is clearly in conflict with his beliefs and the truth, which lies before him, sometimes the truth is too much to handle and he won't easily admit to it. He's not a practical man unalike his father Joe. Chris doesn't care about the "Dog eat dog world", he just wants "˜clean' money and a happy life where what you see is what you get. It's all about his principles and psychology which lead him to become the tragic figure. Everyone's problems revolve around Chris in someway or another because of his stable state of mind and his honesty.

Some people admire Chris for his honesty and some hate him for hit, is honesty the real way to go about the business world where everyone you come across will cheat you or pull a fast one, or the way to happiness where everyone trusts you and you have nothing to hide? Chris always "makes a statue" out of people, he always thinks of people in the most noble way as possible and encourages them to do their best to give something to the world, but what happens when his image is shattered by the truth, he has to deal with. He's a man of principles, but can his character be transformed by what others think of him? The points outlined above are just a few of what make Chris the focus of the play"¦ Chris always makes a statue out of people, to say he...