American Culture In The 21st Century

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America is, indeed, the Land of Plenty. However, it has become painfully obvious that Americans take this fact for granted far too often. The average American has deteriorated from a hard-working opportunist to an overweight, slovenly individual. It remains unclear as to whether our society reflects our attitude or vice-versa, but in any case, Americans are"”for the most part"”lazy.

In the beginning, there were immigrants who came to America with the knowledge that hard work would get them everywhere. They pursued their dreams, if not always able to attain them, and lead relatively comfortable lives.

If one of today's American citizens were to live the life of a first generation immigrant, it can be speculated that the result would be far from comfort. Advanced technology and other creature comforts have nudged the average American's physical workload dangerously close to zero. In how many other countries do people need to work out just from becoming overweight, let alone have an attractive physique? Another contributing factor towards America's collective obesity is our lack of fine dining"”or our refusal to partake in such.

Many a lunch hour has been spent at McDonald's or Wendy's, and the same can be said for dinner. In fact, the typical American could likely eat all three meals at "Mickey D's" and not even feel guilty.

A prime example of American laziness can be found in popular music. Fewer and fewer artists (if they can be referred to as such) are able to create an original sound. They simply feed off what is already famous; figuring what has worked for their predecessors will probably work for them, as well. The same goes for television and movies, with "reality" shows and shoddily made sequels showing up almost weekly.

The downfall of TV and movies was probably spurred by the...