American Schools Racial Issues: Has there really been any change since 1950?

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Richard Bennett

Professor Connolly

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19 September 2014

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American Schools Racial Issues:

Has there really been any change since 1950?

Sure we hear all the time that minorities keep being treated better and better as years go on, but how much of this is actually true. Almost everyone thought that racial issues in schools were fading away in America, but they thought wrong.

Many minority children in American schools are suffering from at least one form of racism at their school. Sometimes it is the students doing it, because of how they were raised and the beliefs that they were taught. Other times it can even be the teachers themselves even though they don't mean to harm the child's emotions in any way. Tatam gives a good example of this when he was talking about an example of a substitute teacher coming in and talking to her class while they were in study hall about what college they would be attending.

This teacher turned to one of the only black students in the class and said that she would recommend a community college for her. Things like this may not seem like a big deal, but in the mind of the student it is definitely a big deal because they then begin to realize that in America they have a supposed role that they are supposed to fit into. People believe all kinds of stereotypes about races to be true. They use these stereotypes to fit the racial people into groups. Kozul suggests that many of the issues happening in the school systems are because of division and how the racial groups are split into different schools and school areas. In downtown areas there is most densely minorities and in the country areas you see...