An Analysis on "Driving Consumer Acceptance of Mobile Marketing: A Theoretical Framework and Empirical Study"

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The research paper by Hans H. Buer, Stuart Barnes, Tina Reichardt and Marcus Neumann investigates the factors that induce consumers to accept the mobile phone as a means of communicating promotional content. Underlying the research are a set of hypotheses that have been formulated to include determinants referring to consumer personality as well as determinants referring to the form of advertising. These hypotheses form the basis for this research and are empirically tested by means of a linear structural equation model.

The paper utilizes the Theory of Reasoned Action to propose that behavior is determined by behavioral intention . The behavioral intention is in turn postulated to be a function of the individual’s attitude toward the act and the social norms. The attitude toward the act in turn is determined by the individual’s beliefs about consequences and his evaluation of those consequences. The social norms are a result of the individual’s normative beliefs i.e.,

his assumption about what another person wants him to do, and his motivation to comply with the expectations of this person.

This study has proved the validity of the Theory of Reasoned Action for research in the area of mobile marketing. The empirical results also imply that social norms only have a slight direct influence on behavioral intention, but are a strong indirect determinant via personal attitude towards the act. The research failed to deliver empirical evidence for a significant influence of the consumer-based determinants "knowledge about mobile communications" and "attitude toward advertising" on the attitude toward mobile marketing. The research data provides evidence for the positive relationships between the constructs "innovativeness" and "knowledge about mobile communications" as well as for "information seeker-behavior" and "attitude toward advertising". Further, the frequently mentioned necessity for mobile marketing to demonstrate some value in order to be accepted has been...