Analysis of "the heart is a lonely hunter" by carson mccullers

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The theme of this work is understanding. It develops as four characters in a small town meet a deaf and mute man. Because he does not speak back and is politely attentive, they feel that he has a special interest in their ambitions and viewpoints. The theme develops as the relationship with the four characters and their listener grows. The desires that the deaf-mute reads on the lips of his acquaintances will never actually be lived out, but through his understanding, they will live them through speaking of them. Regardless if Mr. Singer truly understands them, that feeling is the next best thing to having the actual reality. The theme of this book is the most important theme of life; if there is no one there to understand you, it is easy to feel completely alone.


The theme, understanding, is relevant to young adult readers. Many changes occur when a child is transforming into an adult.

It is essential to have a friend for communication. A young reader will not likely question why so many characters in the book value the company of a deaf-mute because it is easy to see that the characters need to talk to a person that is much like them. The theme will resonate in a teen's mind because that person who listens to them is the most important person in their heart. The theme is important to all age groups for the reason that all people search for a special person to understand them. Though this book was written for the last generation, the theme ties the times together so it can be read by anyone, anywhere, anytime.


The most important word of the book is "alone." A young girl named Mick used the word in a surprisingly positive way. All...