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It is important for PMU to meet the satisfaction of the faculty and the students. It is also important for Faculty and students to sit and drink and communicate between classes, resulting in a better kinder environment for both. Installing these Benches will give students and faculty a relaxing break away from standing up or wasting time looking for somewhere to sit down.


T oday at Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd University students and faculty do not have enough chairs to sit at, and more over student use the chairs available to gather and play cards all day.

2.1Causes of the Problem

At any university it must have places for students and faculty to sit drink coffee, read, and communicate with colleges, but not just because they have a long hour break do they have to play cards. In fact this problem has grown since the couple past months, and it has reflected negatively on the "card playing students" grades.

It is frustrating to not find a place to sit, while other students use these chairs to play cards all day long.

2.2 Solution

So After I have thought deeply about a solution to this problem It is not a good idea for the university to just ban the card habit, but we can eliminate the movable chairs and tables, and install benches. Then students will not have any tables to play on, Which will eliminate the card playing habit and also provide enough setting chairs for the university students.

Fig.1. Fig.2.

3. Data selection

3.1 Number of Benches Needed

At first we will see the number of benches needed for the project. The PMU corridor can fit 12 sitting places, and at each sitting place there will be 4 benches...