Analysis of "for whom the bell tolls" by ernest hemingway

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The theme of this book has to deal with the many occurrences during a war. Warring sides are neither right nor wrong. No matter what the reason for the war, it takes a toll on the lives of all that are involved directly and indirectly. Oftentimes, people that are fighting do not know the exact cause they are fighting for; they just know what they are fighting against. The theme of war was already developed at the start because the republic guerillas have been fighting for months. As the book continues, the theme gradually grows along with the stakes of the war. And a reader can connect with the characters in the novel because they have many things at risk including their lives in the civil war.


The theme of the work is not specifically relevant to the teenage group. War is currently in process, but teens are not the ones on the frontlines so it can be difficult to totally grasp the thoughts and feelings of those who are on the battlefields.

The struggles of a war cannot be felt on a primary account. It would be next to impossible for adolescents to relate to the theme, but it is fairly easy to relate to the characters. The characters carry a burden of responsibility which teens are currently learning or already know. The supporting theme, responsibility, carries the relevance because it is something that all people, not only teenagers, have to attain. Relevant or not, the book is easily relatable.


The most important word of the book is "have". The things that the characters have to do are entirely opposite from what they want to do, but the major task that they have to do creates the plot in the story. The most important passage of...