Analyzing Will in the film "Good Will Hunting"

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Good Will Hunting is the story of a kid, Will, who's life edges toward self-destruction and how four people try to haul him back. Will is an extremely gifted intellect, who is working as a janitor when he should be doing much greater things. His habits included hanging out with his friends and living a really laid back lifestyle. He is clearly destined for bigger things but fails to realize the gift he has been blessed with. He has built a shell around himself refusing to let anyone get anywhere close to him, except for his friends from his childhood. He grew up in foster homes and suffered frequent emotional pain throughout his life. He was a deeply troubled soul and had obviously been an abused child. Looking to his relationship with Skylar, is a prime example of his confining shell. He felt strongly for her and knew that she cared for him but deeply afraid of being hurt, refused to let their love grow.

He felt inside that she was better than him and that he wasn't good enough for her. He was quick to shut her out of his life without reason.

I feel that Will has a strong fear of abandonment. His hang ups include his distrust of university students, as well as those who think they are superior to him. For example, in the bar, when Chuckie meets Skylar and the Harvard students make fun of him, it truly angers Will. The fact that they attend an Ivy League school makes them think they are better than Will and this strongly annoys him. Most of the time, Will doesn't care what people think but does not always pass on the opportunity to show someone up.

In regards to his relationship with Skylar, he...