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the suicide note that Camp left indicates that he still loved his wife when he killed himself since he made many arrangements and told her he loved her many times. here is the note: Camp's Suicide Note Loma baby i tried to plan so as not to mess up yr kitchen. i loved you since the day i layed eyes on you you jus as pretty now as then. so it aint you Loma baby its i aint good for nuthin, which you know. its got so jusgetin out of bed every mornin is to much. i pact up my close and all in a box so you woodn have to fool with it. my leavin this werl dont have nuthin to do with you bein mad at me for not fixin the fawsit I bin aimin to do it a long time for the fawsit went to leekin.

plese save my gold pockit watch for Campbell Junior i leeve it to him i aired it from my grandedy you know.

i love you an always will but now you can have some pese. tell mr. Blakesly i preshate him givin me the jub like he done now he can fine him somebody who can do him a good dase work i hope god will forgive me so i can meet you in heven.

plese dont be mad i have plan it so you wont be the one to fine me.

yr lovin husban Campbell Williams.

p.s. i fixt the fawsit p.s. i wont to be berit in cold sassy so you can visit me some time.

yr lovin husban Campbell Williams.