Anoerxia Nervosa

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Anorexia Nervosa Why do all humans eat? We eat because we need to and because we enjoy eating.

However, some people are different. A lot of them eat more and some eat less. Some of these people go to extremes where they can hurt themselves by eating too much or too little. This essay deals with eating disorder anorexia nervosa (Rowan 1).

Technically, the word anorexia means "˜loss of appetite', but anorexics usually have normal appetite, but have drastic ways in controlling their eating (Palmer 34). One almost never hears a man having anorexia because women suffer from the disease ten times more than men. Anorexia usually begin in girls in the teenage years. Sometimes it starts in their childhood or later in their 30's or 40's. This disorder affects one girl in every hundred and fifty (Duker and Slade 1).

Anorexia, almost always, begins with the everyday dieting. Around a third of anorexics have been overweight before starting to diet.

Anorexics become anorexic when they do not stop their dieting at their desired weight. They lose weight until it is way below their normal limit for her age and height. The little amount of food she eats is usually fruit, vegetables and salads. She will excretes quite often and may even take dieting pills to keep her weight low. This anorexic does not like food, however, she may buy food and cook for others quite often (Palmer 35).

Symptoms of anorexia are excessive loss of weight, vigorous excretes, monthly periods stopping, fear of fatness and undereating. However, as time goes on, the anorexic may develop some of the symptoms of bulimia. She may make herself sick or use laxatives as ways to control her weight (Duker and Slade, 3). Personality changes will be seen when the anorexic tends to...