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Antigone Essay In Sophicles' Antigone, Creon is king of Thebes. Creon is a very rude character in Antigone. Creon displays his rude behavior by being stubborn, rash, and mean to the people of Thebes.

Creon is very stubborn to the people who are around him. Everything is either Creon's way or the wrong way. It doesn't matter what you say to him, he will not change his mind. He says " I must stay true to my principles. I must execute her." (17). Creon is always true to his principles and only his principle. Even his own son, Haemon, can't change his father's mind about executing his wife.

Creon is extremely rash when it comes to making decisions. When he executes someone he doesn't think of the consequences to come. He thinks that if he kills a person nothing will happen. He thinks nothing could happen until his son, Haemon, and his wife, Eurydice, commit suicide.

Teiresias tells Creon that he thinks something bad will happen to him and he says " I must personally undo everything that I have done." ( ). When Creon realizes his mistakes it is too late to save Haemon and Eurydice.

Creon is also mean to the people of Thebes, even his own family. Creon won't give Polynices a proper burial when he dies. He doesn't bury Polynices so that dogs and birds can eat his remains. If Creon would find out that some one buried Polynices " the penalty is death." to whoever buries him (7). Creon doesn't even care about what he does to his own family. Creon says " I don't care if she's closer to me than all my family"¦ I'll execute them." (13).

In Antigone, Creon is the very rude king of Thebes. Creon is stubborn, rash, and mean to the people of Thebes. If Creon wouldn't be so discourteous to the citizens of Thebes, Haemon and Eurydice would not kill themselves.