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Sam Scalice

As argued in "The Worst Years of Our Lives" by Barbara Ehrenreich, television is a underling factor of social disabilities in our societies youth. As the younger generation becomes so engulfed in television programs, they tend to lose the essential social interactions that are necessary for normal life. The significant impairment of social skills causes the development of social anxieties. Additionally, television causes distractions from one's life. Due to this technological intrusion on the impressionable persons, one obtains an unrealistic standard of what life is.

As one spends more and more time in front of their televisions, they begin to lose touch with how to behave in real life scenarios. One may witness a substantial drop in abilities to socialize successfully as the amount of TV in one's life increases. This is because of the lack of human interaction that is enforced in the "couch potatoes" lifestyle (Rosen 195).

Furthermore, social handicaps manifest into the psychological disorder of social anxiety, "the fear of interaction with other people that brings on self-consciousness, feelings of being negatively judged and evaluated, and, as a result, leads to avoidance" (Richards). When a person is able to have constant entertainment without having to leave one's room , it prevents from interacting with others. Social anxieties are an unnecessary burden on one's life that may be avoided if less TV was viewed.

In this day and age, television is not only a social crippler, but it is also a meaningless distraction from one's life. It is proven that the percentage of children who are faced with the nuisance of ADHD "rose 33 present […] with 10 million children […] diagnosed with a developmental disorder" (Rosen 104). This is a main cause for many youths declining education standards. Many spend hours upon hours sitting...