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brutal, cruel, violent videogames, tv-shows, movies, magazines, news reports...

it's said there have already been incidents because of the media

children are easily influenced


* personal background (e.g. family, friends, etc.)

* prerequisites at work (such as frustration, etc.)

* deficits in one Oes personal character

* society Oes circumstances and prerequisites (e.g. social environment, media)

* the easy access to firearms

* a high level of urbanity

* a high level of poverty in city centres

* and the decline of social structures.

+ there are several statistics argumentating both pro and con


Violence in the media appears to be a current issue. Almost every month there happens a terrible incident, wherefore the media gets blamed. One example is Erfurt, where a german student ran amok. I guess these extreme incidents of violence are only the tip of the iceberg, but do they really happen because of the media?

First of all aggression doesn't appear out of nowhere; there has to be a cause.

One cause is the media, but there are also personal backgrounds (e.g. family, friends), conditions at work (e.g. frustration), deficits (in one's personal character) and other socially circumstances like the media or the social environment. So when there's a violent incident, the media is the real cause only in a small percentage of the incidents, but generally gets blamed for all of them.

Aggression has become an entertainment in today's media. All forms of aggression are shown in the media, such as on TV, in videogames and in books or magazines. It's a fact that newspapers which inform people of sensational incidents, especially of violence, have the highest circulation. This gives rise to reflection on a new topic, which is the ambivalence of aggression. On the one hand people are faced...