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Four Ex's on Art Meaning of title While working on my class presentation for the Humanities project, I was faced with the difficult task of explaining art, I named it "Four Ex's on Art"� because of the explanations, experiences, expressions, and examples, I used to create the following essay.

After being raised by the views of someone else, is it possible to change the way we perceive our world? Humanities are about the production and learning of human expressions and experiences; while arts are about the forms and skills used to express human experiences. The word art is derived from the Latin word ars, which means skill, but we understand art as the beautiful creation of human expression. There are many different forms of art, these are called the fine arts, and they are classified as the musical, visual, literary, and performing arts. I have always been fascinated by art, but only now do I fully understand the amount of human expression one must acquire to become an artist, but knowing is not even half the battle one must go through to become a creative person.

To become an artist requires love for every form of life and respect for every form of creative expression; a true artists would never let themselves be overcome by greed.

An artist has to have a lot of patience and confidence in order to stay focused. It takes total confidence during the creation process that one must go through to create a piece of art. Most artist do not let anyone see their work until it is completely finished, this is because for a project that takes so much time and skill, the opinions or reactions of others can be devastating to the ideas of the artist, and possibly cause the artist to change...