The Art Of Mazatlan

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Simon's Final Paper Outline: Main theme: Simon is caught between Chinese and American culture, as he is often expected to follow Chinese cultural beliefs while American culture is sometimes more appealing. It also affects one's self perception to switch from one set of beliefs and rules to another, as between his family and friends. Ultimately, Asian-American culture fits best.

I. Intro A. Moving to America at age of 10 B. America was intimidating because of outgoing culture C. Language barriers also made adapting difficult D. At the same time, America is exciting and offers many possibilities E. Gradually adapting to American culture, yet still must follow Chinese culture with family F. Difficult to form clear self image growing up, since there are two Simons: one with his family, one with his friends and schoolmates G. Many situation present conflicts where his cultural beliefs collide H. Ultimately, he wishes his family and friends would both agree to understand his "Asian American" beliefs II.

Body Paragraph 1: A. First, I recall several instances with my family where my Americanized attitude created a conflict, either with them or within myself. For example, ...

B. One weekend, Simon's friends all want to drive to a famous Maryland steak house in Annapolis. Simon wants to go, but when he tells his parents, his dad tells him it is foolish to go spend $30 when a perfectly good meal is at home for free. Simon says he wants to hang out with his friends, and that the food is supposed to be really good. He is angered by his dad's inability to understand the American concept of eating out a lot. Chinese culture views this as a waste of money. After asking his dad multiple times, he agrees to let Simon go because he knows it...