Artificial Inteligence

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The idea of artificial intelligence has highly increased over the years and in today's society. The largest known commodity of AI today is the computer. At first the computer was just a shortcut for answers on math problems, but today we can produce such things as movies with them. Today we often wonder if computers ill ever be one step ahead of us. Two men compare their thoughts on this idea. The article written by Marvin Minsky titled, Why People Think Computer's Can't, has a more persuasive argument on how computers will not take over human kind anytime soon, than that of Chris Malcom's article, Why Robot's Won't Rule, because it describes the whole thinking process used by scientists in analyzing computers and uses a wide variety of examples to strengthen his argument.

Chris Malcom's article is useful in the sense that it has comprehendible examples and he gets to the point of his subject.

Although most of his examples are very deserving, more would be adequate in analyzing this topic of artificial intelligence because it is so controversial. On a personal level, statistics would also be a worthy item to add because it is factual information that could back up the argument. Using more examples could help this problem by backing up the information.

One issue that Malcom brings up is the idea that in general, computers have no form of common sense. In the past it seemed as if they were achieving a lot. But now because of technological advances, computers are slowly losing their expertise. He basically means that computers don't have the general understanding of things that they once used to. He says the ideas of common sense and artificial intelligence is just beginning to go under way. It is a very difficult area of study...