"The artist must possess the couragous soul...the brave soul. The soul that dares and defies." Quote in "The Awakening" that mst accurately describes Edna.

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Madameoiselle Riesz tells Edna that in order to suceed, "the artist must possess

the couragous soul...the brave soul. The soul that dares and defies." This most

accurately describes Edna. Edna does possess the courages soul and the soul

that dares and defies. She was inspired my Madameoiselle Riesz who is an

artist herself and possesses the soul to be only herself.

With the help of Madameoiselle Riesz, Edna was able to be herself and act

out on her desires and urges. She no longer had to force herself to be someone

who she wasn't in order to fit in with the "mother-women." She no longer had

to fit in. Madameoiselle Riesz gave Edna the courage to search deep inside

herself for what was really there, for even she had no idea, and then act on


At the beginning of the novel Edna is only existing, only going through

the motions of life.

She is unhappy and doesn't really know why. Deep inside

her is the need to escape and be free from her obligations as a wife and

mother. She has always possessed this independent attitude and felt trapped

by her family. It was only when Edna met and became friends with Adele and

Madameoiselle Reisz that she was able to realize why she was unhappy and

what was missing in her life.

As Edna begins to realize more and more about herself and what she is

missing in her life, she is able to become more independent and become the

free women she has always seceretly desired to become.

Edna refuses to be controlled and devote heself to her husband and

children. She wants to be independent, able to come and go as she pleases

without having to worry about the rules and restrictions that come...