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Company Information: Artistic Pens Company is a non-profit organization with five full-time employees who provide a work environment where a mentally and physically disabled work force comes to work to make and sell hand-decorated pens and pencils that are delivered in a hand-painted box.

The company is completely supported by public donations. Disabled workers receive the proceeds from the sales.

Request for quotation: Artistic Pens would like to develop a Web presence for accepting credit card donations and would like to take orders for pens on the Internet. This is a no-budget/low-budget project that would make a great charitable project for a public relations firm or a Web designer. We would also be willing to acknowledge the excellent work of the firm selected to build this site on our initial Web page.

AP is looking to broaden their exposure to the public and businesses that would like to donate to an excellent non-profit organization. We are hoping a public relations firm or web designer will work with us on a pro bono basis for the labor to design our new company site. We would like to use Yahoo business services, which are low cost and provide the software (Yahoo Site Builder) to design and build the site. This will allow us to learn how to run and maintain the site after this initial process has been completed.

Site Requirements:

1.Artistic Pens Logo

2.Company Mission Statement and Purpose

3.Web page with a few employee's biographies that benefit from our employment

4.Donations page with credit card charging services for donations

5.Web page with our pen inventory and shopping cart for checkout

At this time we would like to have a minimum of four or five Web pages linked together. We would like it to be simple...