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You have been recruited as a team of human resource consultants in a modern rapidly changing organisation. This organisation has so far been practicing personnel management. It is keen to adopt modern human resource management practices. Your team is required to prepare a report of 5000 words as to how the organisation is going to go about this transition. Your report must critically explain and evaluate which HR practices the organisation should adopt and the benefits in doing so.


Bright Company Limited started its activities in 1981. Its main business is to generate and sell electricity to its customers. At the beginning it had only 2000 customers and a labour force of 150, both staff and manual workers. The company expanded rapidly due to joint ventures with sugar factories, which produced electricity with bagasse, a by-product of sugar cane, at a low cost compared to a much expensive cost of its rival company the General Electric Company, which uses petroleum products.

On the other hand the company has erected power stations run with wind energy and water (hydro), which are considered as clean and non-polluting agents of the environment. The initial cost of investment in such power stations is definitely high regarding machinery and spare parts but the cost of production and maintenance is very low compared to petroleum products and charcoal whose prices have taken an ascending curb on the international market. The transmission and distribution grid of electrical energy is of latest technology and the country is supplied by electricity to every nook and corner.

After 26 years of operation the company has got about 190 000 customers thus becoming the biggest electric company of the country. Due to its increased production of electrical energy and customers, its labour force also has increased to 1500 of...