Attack On America

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Attack on America On Tuesday, September 11, 2001 our lives changed. The attacks on the World Trade towers and the Pentagon will remain in our thoughts forever. The major issues and problems surrounding this huge ordeal is; now that the U.S. is not as strong as it once was, does it make us more vulnerable for something else, maybe worse to happen? The truth is that we do not know and we may never know. There were probably more attacks planned, but they were thwarted when all of the airlines were grounded. Also, are we prepared to suffer the consequences if we bomb Afghanistan? People say we shouldn't because innocent people will be hurt or killed. Why should we care about innocent people being hurt, when the cowards who committed these acts didn't? These issues and problems relate to the discussion on race and gender because, at first people were jumping to all kinds of conclusions about who was responsible.

Right off the bat, people were saying it had to be someone from the Middle East, without even knowing the facts first. Yes, it did turn out to be people from there, but you must have the facts before you begin to point any fingers.

Our assigned readings provide us with an understanding of the situation because, in the case of unintentional racism, people thought that they were not being racist or discriminating by thinking it was a particular group. They "knew" exactly who it was.

Our personal experiences in this matter will pose problems for the ways in which they are resolved. Do to this horrendous attack people are out for blood. They want to avenge their loved ones and others' deaths. To Osama bin Laden, it was a "holy war," but to us it was a direct attack on our freedom and we will not stand for that.