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Bad U.S Policies I would like to think the US is a friend and ally, but I am afraid I can't.For to long Australia has licked the USA 's boots and for what. To be draw into bloody wars in far of lands such as Vietnam.I fell nothing but regret and so should every Australian that young men gave their lives in the jungles of Vietnam trying to carry on a pround tradition that was started by our ANZAC's. But to tell you the truth those young men died not for Australia or Australian intrests, but for the good old US of A.who was trying to stop the spread of communism not for the good of indevidual countries, but so a world eccomony would still opperate with you guested it the GREEN BACK as the bench mark for all currencies.

Australia as America's Mini-Me is not a new act.

Ever since we were, abandoned by Britain in the second world war, we has seen America as its security blanket, formalising arrangements in the 1951 Anzus treaty, which suggested but did not guarantee US military support in times of need.

The USA should not be the self appointed policeman of the world and we should not support them in this role. Particular when it is their policies that cause much of the friction in the world.Take the Gulf War for example the US armed Saddam to the hilt, gave the nod for him to go into Kuawait then bombed Iraq unmercifully. 200,000 odd people died from that bombing. And people (especially children) are still dying due to the horrific sanctions the US won't lift, This shows that the US only serve thier own intrests Do you really think they couldn't have gotten rid of Saddam Hussein if they had wanted to? No, they need "monsters" to make the people afraid and need their protection.

That fact that Australia prides it self on incuraging the soverinty of the nations of the world while the US tries to influence them is a mojor reason that Australia should take a step back and say hay we don't need to support this bully mentality.

We don't want your wars USA, and we don't want your enemies. We are not your slaves, although you can easily believe so; it seems like Mr Bush has a nose-ring on the Australian government, and is leading them around. Those arguing for stopping "invasions" from Asia and the Middle East, I ask, are you afraid of a slim chance of armed conflict with other nations, or our entire country being in gulfed by American ideals which do nothing but harm the very fabric of our society that past generations have fought to preserve ? I know that I would rather leave in a truely free Australia which stands up for right and wrongs now matter what the consequences were than be a puppet for a morally bankrupt country such as America.

If Australia get nuked, America would say "too bad, how sad" and then turn around and laugh, at the fact that we got nuked for them, and instead of them. Australians who support these American plans for a defence shield and letting them control our country must be seriously misinformed on the US's plan for Australia. The only reason the USA has bases in Australia is to take the nuclar bulls eye of the US and place it on an expendable country such as ours.

Our culture is being lost We used to have "sheilas and blokes". No we have guys and gals. As a nation we are losing our identity and this is apparent in our relations with other nations who see Australia as the US's deputy.We should incurage multicuturalism not Americanism .We're Aussie and proud of it. Bugger the Yanks and their expressions. Be Australian. Be proud! We can all be fooled by the American hype and glamour but be whare The USA are not our allies, they are our worst enemies.