Bank of America

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Bank of America

Bank of America is one of the biggest companies with a lot of employees. Bank of America was founded in 1874 known as the Nations Bank till its acquisition of a San Francisco-based Bank of America in which it assumed its current name.

Bank of America is one of the leading financial companies in the world. When dealing with assets, it is the second largest. Bank of America has a profit of 31.61%. The factors that hurt the bank would be due to customers closing accounts without making the bank aware and making sure that they have a system in place for when they received checks written in large sums to be cleared. Another weakness would be holding on to the customers' direct deposit to cover debts that they may have. Also they have experienced problems with their online banking as well as human resource errors (Bank of America)

In any organization the employees are the ones that are a major part of it.

To accomplish their mission, Bank of America's Human Resource Department makes sure that the mission is accomplished. This is very important to accomplish because it makes sure that everyone has the same goal for the company. And one way of doing that is to treat your employees with respect.

The Human Resource Department is the department that handles all of the administrative needs of the people in the organization. Its primary role is to implement the organization function of management, includes the performance of the recruitment of the manpower needs of the organization, design and conduct of manpower development, formulation of compensation and other benefits; implementation of safety and health issues and maintenance of employee and labor relations. It is basically the backbone of any...