Basics of Cricket

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Cricket is played between two teams of 11 players. Two batsmen at a time are on the field, at opposite ends of the 20.12 metre pitch.

In cricket, there are two different types of matches. One is a test match and the other is a one day match.

The batsman at the striking end tries to hit the ball between the fielders, the two batsmen then score by running between the wickets. If the batsman hits the ball to the boundary without it bouncing on the field then the batsman scores six runs and if it bounces but passes the boundary then the batsman gets four runs without having to run.

The bowler bowls six balls from one end of the wicket then after the six balls are finished it is called an over. They attempt to swing and spin the ball unpredictably making it difficult to hit.

Batsmen can be out in a number of ways, including being bowled out, when the ball hits the wicket; caught out by one of the fielders; or run out by a fielder throwing the ball at the wicket.

When all the players are out or the overs are finished (50 in one day matches), the team with the most runs wins.