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The power of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata is really great! It's hardly possible to describe my inner world, my state, my feelings and emotions when I listen to this incredible peace of music. I can't imagine how the composer could create such unbelievable combination of sounds, such majestic and expressive, breathtaking and mysterious, forceful and vigorous. Well, it's fantastic! While listening to the Sonata, I closed my eyes and saw Beethoven: his calm face, his fingers, wandering along the keys, the flame of the single candle, a flood of brilliant moonlight. What is more, I hear music everywhere.

I feel myself in a tiny world, it's like a strange dream, I should say. But at the same time, there are moments of a breathless, hurrying, trembling movement, descriptive of flight and uncertainty, and vague impulsive terror that carries me away on its rustling wings, and leaves me all in emotions and wonder...

I lack words, I can't express my emotions with words, but I know that music can help me, stepping in and expressing everything deep and high.

I have no doubt that Beethoven's music gives the possibility to find new strength, to get new energy and optimism, to remove from tiredness and tension. Certainly, it is the music that helps to survive, to overcome problems, low spirits, ups and downs. I feel rhythm around me. While listening to the Moonlight Sonata I can feel myself in the seventh heaven.