Beloved - the impact of oppression

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I can postulate that Beloved is a very powerful novel and it really emphasized the power of slavery in the south and what African Americans went through. The story is apart of our culture and in addition it is a peace of mythology within our culture. Through the novel Toni Morison is trying to give us an understanding of slavery. The ghost in story is a way to talk about the human psyche. This novel talks about something really horribly, and that it is what a novel supposed to do. The novel portrays history, but the world has now agreed that this is a really horrible and bad thing. Toni Morison depicts the mother of the ghost, to seem; to not be her individual presents but in a collective presents. Morrison is offering a mythology of slavery; however she is trying to give us an understanding of it, moreover for mostly people who may not be linked with it, in anyway with this type of oppression.

Beloved talks about the boundaries of freedom, and through that we see with Sethe as being violated, by her husband by watching people take her milk. So in result, she makes the decision to kill her child, thus extracting all the oppression and evil that she endured. The people around her in her same community did not get violated as her on account of being raped and beaten; they never had to endure oppression on that same level as she did. The community around Sethe was also angry that she would kill her child, because that was something the community decided to do. When mothers start to kill there children, which is something that slavery suppose to initiate from. Murder from a parent to there child, is something that is from oppression and repression.