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All throughout life you are constantly faced with decisions. Beowulfs life was no different he was expected to deal with responsibilities. Which weremore than just having to take out the trash or wash the dishes.All the decisions he made not only affected his life but also the life of his armies and their families. The fact that he managed to live to a ripe old age during the era of dragons and monsters in itself can be looked on as being a victory.

Not only did beowulf defeat grendel and his ferocious mother he also somehow managed to stare down the fear of having to face an cannibalistic man (grendel, during the time that this epic was written people used analogies to describe psychological fears ie. cannibalism =moster= grendel and his mother)which was an unordinary occurence in his time. He came out victorious in the end and managed tocomeout areborn man.(IN

every epic there is always a rebirth for the hero usually involving water of some sort and almost being drowned and finall finding air (similiar to the human birth and the Birth canal)in Beowulf when he went to defeat grendels mother aftyer killing grendel he followed his blood to alke which he plunged in to be grabbed by gfrendels mother who dragged him to the bottom by his heel on the way down he foughtallthe monsters of the ocean and once finally reaching the lairof grendelkilled his mother and then began his treavel backup which took 4 months)andthis resultedin himreighningover his kingdom for half a century.

In short there to me is no way to call Anything about Beowulf a failure.