A biography of Germaine Greer

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Germaine Greer

Germaine Greer was born in 1939 and educated in the universities of Sydney, Melbourne and Cambridge. Her main occupation is a writer but she is also seen as a strong advocate for the sexual revolution. Greer managed to combine both them interests by writing about her strong feminist opinions her books. Her most famous book is The Female Eunuch, which was a trenchant attack on the subjugation of women in a male dominated society. In fact, one source tells that when the book first came out it provoked knock-down, drag-out fights over dinner tables, and that copies of it were thrown across rooms at unsuspecting husbands this one book alone had the power to inspire women, thus significantly helping Women's Liberation. Greer's writing was not the only way she supported the Women's Right Movement, she also publicized and expressed her espousal by writing numerous articles for the press and making various Television appearances.

Greer has returned to Australia several times to promote the cause of women's liberation, she also runs her own press, Stump Cross Books, which has published editions of work by Katherine Philips, Anne Wharton and other neglected women poets. Greer renounced the church, advocated rampant sexual freedom for women, trashed marriage and the family and fulminated against the imposition of Western values on indigenous peasant cultures throughout the world. In summary, Germaine Greer is a pioneer of women's liberation and couldn't have done more to express her support.