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Wim was born at 20 december 1983, and grew up in a musical family. When he heard a song with a guitarsolo, he definitely wanted to play that instrument. That instrument turned after long searching out to be an electric guitar. His parents are music fanatics but only knew classical music and instruments, so they didn't recognise this beautiful sound! Wim got first an acoustic guitar when he was 7. A year later he finally got his electric guitar! Playing the blues, he discovered the pentatonic scale and improvised, before he learned that stuff on lessons. He started to play in a schoolband at the age of 10, he got his first stage-experience here. Three years later he wrote a letter to the tv-program "Geef Nooit Op" and was selected from 1500 other children. In that program he played with guitarhero Jan Akkerman, and then he heard about a championship for guitarists in holland and he joined that, en some time later he enjoyed it very much, he won.

He beats the twenty adults! :p Because of this he came in tvprograms like "Kopspijkers" and "CallTV" The band that accompany him in the finals, continued under the name "Narf". In 2000 that band won studiorecording time, and recorded their first demo. This was an instrumental band until female singer Brenda van Veen joined the band in october. Wim started writing songs and lyrics, and Narf played in several places. But after a while the different music interestings in the band became to big, so they split and Wim is already in a gameband, which means playing very cool gamemusic like mario,megaman and turtles for example. But Wim is still searching for a new "real" band, progressive symphonic rock/metal more at